KettyBot Host & Wait Service Robot

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Kettybot is an innovative machine designed to operate in restaurants, bars, cafes, and indoor food establishments. It features a compact design that won't take up much space and is agile in busy environments. 8-hour battery life provides the reliability you need during a full day of service. Two screens give this restaurant robot a personality, convenient functionality, and the ability to promote menu items and services your business offers. Additionally, AI voice interaction keeps the conversation going and helps this bot fulfill customer needs upon request. 360° sound localization and processing technology like echo and noise suppression it hears your voice in noisy commercial environments.

Intelligent designing and operation helps free up your staff by acting as both a host and server. The top screen is used as an interface for sitting down guests and taking food to tables. Auto path planning helps Kettybot navigate more practical routes for efficiency. Laser and visual navigation detect obstacles in real-time to avoid bumping into surroundings and dropping food. If you have two robots from Hart and Price, they'll even communicate and coordinate to steer around each other. Three-tiered storage and a 66-pound carry capacity let this service robot run orders to tables or dishes back to the kitchen. Each level features a textured surface that'll hold onto foods and wet glasses securely, reducing breakage.

Foodservice demands modern solutions that promote an efficient dining experience blended with cutting-edge technology. Kettybot from Hart and Price combines these elements to bring your business a dynamic and interactive wait service.