Hart & Price goods are sold F.O.B. shipping Point, which makes the equipment the property of the buyer while in transit. If loss or damage occurs, the carrier will require the buyer file a claim.


Hart & Price will respect the incoterms but will invoice the same day goods are shipped.


All shipping containers should be inspected for internal loss or damage, including: indentations, punctures, re−taping, open tops or cartons marked This Side Up that is delivered lying on their side. The receiver and the carrier should make a joint inspection prior to acceptance of the shipment. Results should be noted on the delivery receipt.

Concealed Damage: Contents of all shipments should be checked for concealed damage immediately after delivery. If concealed damage is noted, the delivery carrier should be notified promptly.

The tariff guidelines specify no more than 5 days should pass from the date of delivery to the date of when the damage report is made to the carrier. After the 5 day limit has passed, the liability of the carrier is greatly diminished and in most all cases, void.

Filing a Loss or Damage Claim: If loss or damage is identified a claim should be filed with the carrier immediately. Items required to file a claim include:

  1. Completed loss or Damage Form (obtained from the carrier)
  2. Copy of original invoice
  3. Inspection Report
  4. Copy of Carrier’s Delivery Receipt
  5. Copy of Bill of lading which would be forwarded on request


Annotate on the Bill of Lading (BOL) the visible damage before the driver departs. Please maintain the original copy for your records.

  1. If Hart & Price is the Freight Forwarder, call Hart & Price Customer Service Department for Return Material Authorization (RMA). Hart & Price will need the following information:
    a. RMA Request.
    b. If possible, please take a photo of the damaged goods and their packaging.
    c. Invoice Number for your order, copy of annotated Bill of Lading (BOL) with damage information.
  2. Hart & Price will not accept any damaged material without an approved RMA and/or after 5 days from the date the damaged was noted.

3rd Party claims for damage will be facilitated by the freight forwarder, not Hart & Price. Be sure to make a record of the relevant information regarding the item(s) you filed the claim on, INCLUDING respective claim information and procedures necessary for compensatory damages.


Although Hart & Price strives for 100% accuracy, we recognize we do occasionally make mistakes in pulling and packing. If you receive a package from Hart & Price with missing items, we request you contact your Customer Service Representative via telephone or email within 5 days, so that we may assist you with the discrepancy.

Hart & Price has a strict time limit for claims of missing items for replacement. If you receive a package with missing goods but you do not contact Hart & Price within 5 days of receipt of the package, we will be unable to accept your request for replacement

Take digital photos, showing goods as they looked, plus a copy of the packing slip highlighting items that were not included in the shipment and forward them to the Hart & Price Customer Service Department so they can assist you with the discrepancy.


Hart & Price will hold customer orders for up to 30-days as a courtesy. Once a your product is available for shipment you will be invoiced and payment is required to hold the item. Items not picked up within that time will be released back to general inventory and resold, unless the item is special order. Special order items are generally not returnable or refundable by the manufacturer.