BellaBot Wait Service Robot

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BellaBot is an innovative wait service robot designed to operate in restaurants, bars, cafes, and indoor food establishments. It has a compact ABS plastic design on an aluminum frame for added finesse in crowds. 12-24-hour battery life provides the reliability you need throughout any service. With a short 4-1/2-hour charging time, you can expect BellaBot to be back up and running in no time. The user-friendly screen gives this restaurant robot a personality and simple functionality to run plates and drinks to any table. BellaBot also has contact features like petting reactions and voice activation that give a unique interaction to every customer.

Intelligent designing and operation helps reduce staff workload by acting as a server and runner. Place an order on one of the tier trays and just set the table number for the order. Induction sensors on each tray signal this bot when plates and cups have been lifted. BellaBot can fulfill multiple orders in one trip for efficient customer service. Auto path planning helps this server bot navigate practical routes to avoid traffic and slowdowns. Dual SLAM technology and 3D sensors detect obstacles in real-time to prevent bumping into surroundings. An advanced suspension system minimizes stopping force when braking to keep items from falling. Four-tiered storage and an 88-pound holding capacity allow this cat bot to run orders out or dirty dishes back. Each level features a textured surface that'll hold onto foods and wet glasses securely, reducing breakage.

Foodservice demands modern solutions that promote an efficient dining experience blended with cutting-edge technology. BellaBot from Hart and Price combines these elements to bring your business a dynamic and interactive wait service.