HolaBot Transport Robot

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HolaBot is an innovative heavy-duty transfer robot ideal to use in restaurants, bars, cafes, and indoor food establishments. It has a compact ABS plastic design on an aluminum frame that works seamlessly in crowded spaces. 10-24-hour battery life provides the reliability you need throughout any service. With a short 4-1/2-hour charging time, you can expect HolaBot to be back up and running in no time. The front screen gives this restaurant robot a personality, and the top screen provides simple functionality to take dishes and totes back to the kitchen. Overhead sensors provide touch-free use to maintain sanitation.

The intelligent designing and operation helps you reduce staff workload by acting as a busser. Just call HolaBot to your table, load it up with a tote of dishes, and send it back. Each shelf can support up to 33-pounds and is big enough to fit totes. Waterproof inner cabins resist liquids to avoid damage. Auto path planning helps this service bot navigate practical routes to avoid crowded areas. 3D obstacle avoidance detects its environment in real-time to prevent bumping into surroundings. An advanced suspension system minimizes stopping force when braking to keep items in place a reduce breakage. Four-tiered storage allows you to load up dishes from four different tables. Each level features a textured surface that'll hold onto plates and wet glasses securely, reducing breakage.

Foodservice demands modern solutions that promote an efficient dining experience blended with cutting-edge technology. HolaBot from Hart and Price combines these elements to bring your business a dynamic and interactive service.