Ojeda USA

About Ojeda USA, Inc. The formation of The Ojeda Group began in 1948 through a service business owned by Mr. Edel Ojeda Sr. Through the knowledge gained in his service work, Mr. Ojeda began building industrial kitchen equipment and by 1968 he started producing freezers and refrigerators in the masses which marked the origin of … Read more


McCann Products We Carry McCann Carbonators McCann Product Catalogs McCann Carbonators Product Catalog More Information If you were unable to find what you need on our website, please visit McCann’s website or give us a call and we will be happy to help you. View McCann (Multiplex) Website Click to Call Hart+Price at (800) 777-9179



About Lancer Lancer was founded more than fifty years ago with a promise never to compromise on quality. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Lancer manufactured parts for beverage dispensing machines. Lancer began creating original products, including the very first mechanically cooled beverage dispensers in 1971, and have been leading innovators in the industry ever since. … Read more


About Zesto Zesto Food Equipment Mfg has been an oven manufacturer since 1990. They manufacture a variety of high-quality pizza Conveyor and Deck ovens. Zesto Products We Carry Sorry, we couldn’t find any posts. Please try a different search. Search for: Zesto Product Sheets Zesto Conveyor Ovens Product Sheet More Information If you were unable … Read more

Fittings Inc.

About Fittings Inc. Fittings, Inc. was founded in 1983 in Fort Worth, Texas. At that time the primary products were (and still remain today) stainless steel fittings for the beverage industry. In 1991, we also began manufacturing cold plates, which are the preferred solution for cooling dispensed beverages in the US. In 2009, we started … Read more


About Oetiker Oetiker is a global leader in high-value connecting solutions for industrial segments. Their expertise is in high-quality clamps, rings, straps, and quick-connectors ranges from house and garden as well as medical applications to aftermarket applications. They offer engineering, prototyping, and testing support to quickly create comprehensive solutions for overcoming clamping and connecting challenges. … Read more

US Cooler

About US Cooler U.S. Cooler® Company, a division of Craig Industries, was founded on August 28, 1986, as a family-owned business dedicated to providing customized solutions for cold storage applications. Located approximately 130 miles north of St. Louis, Missouri in the thriving community of Quincy, Illinois, U.S. Cooler® Company utilizes a modern state-of-the-art manufacturing facility … Read more


About Shurflo With products proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S., Royal Range of California Inc. is located in a modern 52,000 square foot facility in Eastvale California. All R&D is done on-site. Royal’s line of heavy-duty, commercial-grade kitchen equipment includes the award-winning RHEF High-Efficiency Deep Fat Fryers which feature high productivity and zero recovery … Read more


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About Accuflex Accuflex Industrial Hose, Ltd. located in Romulus, Michigan, is part of the Kuriyama Group of Companies. Since 1977, we have provided quality Thermoplastic hose and tubing products for commercial and industrial customers and to the OEM market. Accuflex offers the finest in beverage transfer hose, tubing, and cabled bundles, as well as quality … Read more